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Секретный миллионер | Игорь Рыбаков | Миллиардер под прикрытием. ИГОРЬ МОРЯК.

основным капиталом является

Our project has featured ultra-wealthy people, there have been rich and extremely rich millionaires, but never have we swum that far. Today we would like to expand your concept of wealth. Meet our new hero. My name is Igor Rybakov, I’m an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, philanthropist, billionaire. I’m 46 years old, I have a lovely wife Katya, four kids, and here I am. The capitalization of my companies is 1.5 billion dollars. This year Forbes ranked me eightieth something, I can’t remember. Not really interested. My core business asset is TechnoNICOL company. Here we produce roofing and waterproofing membranes and supply them to more than 28 countries of the world. Now TechnoNICOL has 55 factories, and in a couple of years, there will be more than 60 factories, something like that. It is always interesting how a regular guy from Magnitogorsk managed to become a dollar billionaire. Rybakov thinks that the secret lies in his unique personality, or in his unique personalities, to be precise. You are looking at the screen now and see one billionaire; this is what it seems like to you, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint you: there is a few of them, actually. Igor Rybakov is a multipersonality. I’m going to tell you about my three heroes. The first hero is a reality hacker, the second hero is a lucky man, the third hero is a collector of states; the fourth hero is myself, the self – when there is a need to make a difficult decision or choice, these three heroes emerge and start arguing, while the self keeps watching and, depending on what the self wants to feel, it gives this or that hero the right to play first violin. Billionaire Igor Rybakov not only has a special lifestyle, he leads a special way of metaphysical existence. Whilst most of us cannot afford a single complete personality, Igor Rybakov integrated a bunch of them inside himself. Now let’s talk about each of them in detail. First goes the reality hacker. So, I won’t settle for dull and gray routine, that’s why I will go now and crush the hell out of this place! This personality often faces different fears, but he is able to hack these fears. Why is he a hacker? That is because he, first of all, is able to hack his fears. Thanks to the hacker personality, Igor reaches for his goals knowing no fear, he increases his capital and builds up his businesses. One of such projects is creation of state-of- the-art office buildings called SOK. These are special smart offices and the most modern trend across the globe. The concept is so popular and is in such a high demand that there will be 15 SOK offices in Moscow. How easily Igor speaks about it! Only 15! Now multiply 15 by the cost of the facility and you will get a full understanding of the true range of our new hero’s activity. The building where the biggest SOK centre in Moscow will be placed costs 3 billion. Next goes the lucky man personality. Most of all he likes doing charity. Seems unfair: it’s the hacker who earns the most, but the earnings are spent by all four. We spend 12 million dollars for philanthropy every year, and for this money we want to spin a huge phenomenal collider in order to involve as many people as possible in this activity. Charity and philanthropy are one of the highest forms of bliss; that is one of the dimensions of social creativity. So, the Rybakov Foundation is a place which brings together different plotters to make a world-wide innovation, to erase the borders between the ones who help and the ones that are helped. Social creativity available to anyone is the Rybakov philanthropy. America has Rockefeller and Rothschild; Russia will have Rybakov. That’s it. And, finally, the last – but not the least – personality of Igor is the collector of states. Well, he really looks like a philosopher – a seeker, a very creative person that can transform into any state – even become a fish, an alien or a rapper: You choose the way you influence You’re just like us, learn to fly If a thirst is inside you Feel all this flight! Married to all these new friends of ours is Ekaterina Rybakova. Ekaterina is not scared of the diversity of Igor’s personalities – she knows they all have one family to share. To him, the family is what he does his heroic deeds for. I don’t know the secret. To me the answer is to let him be himself, to let me be myself – that’s the secret, not to remake each other. And four children. He’s my closest man on Earth, we understand and feel each other very well. That doesn’t mean we have no disputes, that means we approach these disputes as an important part of our life. But how does Igor feel about disputes among his own personalities? It turns out that each of them had its own opinion on taking part in our project. The first one to speak was the hacker, and he said: “Are you crazy? What secret millionaire are you talking about?” Then the collector of states and the lucky man said their word. The collector of states said: “Come on, guys, this is my chance to re-live something that cannot be re-lived otherwise”. The lucky man said: “Alright”, because he’s game for anything. Two votes against one – a strong decision was made to go for the project. Well, the votes have been counted, the turnout is 300% and Igor Rybakov reaches a moment of new experience and uncommon privations. Congratulations! You are now a hero of a popular reality show “Secret Millionaire”. For the next few days he will give up his phone, his money and all his relations. He will only have a feature phone, a thousand rubles and emergency assistance envelopes. When communicating with people, you have to tell them a pre-readied legend. You are a participant of a new project called “Hitchhiking across Russia”. The objective of the participants of this show is to travel across Russia with no money. The film crew will do its best to stay out of the way. In order not to scare off passersby, our operators use long-focus lenses and in several places we install mini-cameras. Only one operator remains nearby. There he is, by the way, Aleksey. Once again, Aleksey is supposedly shooting a documentary vlog “Hitchhiking across Russia” for the Internet. Only if no one recognizes the secret millionaire, he will be able to fulfill his main objective – to find people that need help. I get it, the rules are fair enough, I think, the collector of states will have a chance to enter a new state, so to say, and the lucky man will surf a little, and the hacker will hack whatever he meets on the way. So let’s get to work, guys, come on! Here goes the first gift for the collector of states. We have prepared a costume and a totally new personality for the billionaire. Whether a demobilized soldier, a navy seal or someone right from the prison. Well, I don’t know who I am yet, let’s take a look. You had been working on a submarine in a closed northern city. You retired a few years ago. To make the journey more cheerful, we give you a guitar. Travelling artists, huh? Let’s see where we’re heading for. Yoshkar-Ola. The name is really cool, I guess that’s the only Russian city which name starts with Yot. In addition to the emergency assistance envelopes, traditional for our project, we have prepared an envelope called “Challenge” exclusively for Igor. Igor, you are a very recognizable person, and we have an idea how to pass incognito. There is a toilet with a sink in the airport and there you will be able to make sure no one recognizes you. We hope you understood us. I don’t get it, should I do it this way or that way? The beard of our hero is too famous. How could this successful beard travel to Yoshkar- Ola with a retired sailor? The “Challenge” envelope was interesting for me. The lucky man was happy, he was like “oh, they do everything themselves, I mean, the pattern of circumstances starts taking shape». I feel really sorry for my beard. The beard is being washed away into the sink with relief, as it won’t have to travel to Yoshkar-Ola today. Now that’s a real paratrooper. I look like Ivan Urgant in his youth. I can actually shave it all off so that the collector says: “whoa-whoa, holy moly, how’s that”. I have also converted the challenge to a sort of “now that’s a buzz”, it somehow became interesting. However, it wore off shortly, to be honest, when I couldn’t leave the airport. Coming up next: I want some money Raise up the money I want some money The richest hero in the history of “Secret Millionaire” starts his journey. Igor Rybakov is milking the mare. But will the Forbes rankings help resist the harsh reality? I remember it and feel a lump in the throat. Our hero landed in Cheboksary, 90 kilometers from Yoshkar-Ola. Our secret billionaire has no money to take a taxi. How much? 1,430 rubles. Well, and if jointly with someone? It’s the same difference. First I wanted to find out if there was a chance of a free trip. But then I realized that nothing was for free there. Then our entrepreneur decided to collect one thousand rubles playing the guitar and singing a song for tourists. But a secret billionaire’s car is not coming – the Colombian tourists listened to him and gave him only a handshake, so Igor decided to offer the same thing to taxi drivers. Are you going to Yoshkar-Ola? After three hours of unsuccessful negotiations, he managed to find a driver who was either a sympathetic man or a totally inexperienced taxi driver who was ready to give Rybakov a lift to Yoshkar-Ola for free. It turned out that there was a celebration concert in the city Kremlin. Well, meet me! You come to the city centre and has a feeling that you’re in a kind of Disneyland – some small towers, bridges, it’s very nice and really sweet. The city was celebrating the Youth Day, and everyone could take the stage and show their talents. The stage was opened for all comers. Igor the Sailor decided to take this chance and make the first pleasant impression on Yoshkar-Ola citizens. Shall I hold it somehow for you? Well, let’s go! I want some money Raise up the money I want some money I created everything around me myself, all the things I wanted for so long Now there is no money left See what a businessman I am. I want some money Raise up the money I want some money Raise up the money I want some money Raise up the money I have no money, I need to earn some, to seek lodging, so guys, if you have a garden and you need to dig it, or you want me to play the guitar When I made this speech, I made it rather well and I thought it would produce an effect, I wanted the things to be like that, I told them my story. So, come to me, I’ll do everything, we’ll rock it! I need shelter and some food, so come to me please and happy holiday! I’m waiting here. But nothing happened, not a thing. An analysis of the Yoshkar-Ola consumer market brought some good news: these are sailors who are in-demand most of all among the city residents or, more precisely, woman citizens. Well, the sailor is not that bad, rather good! I wish every lady got that lucky. The first lady to get lucky was Lena who was selling honey with her daughter Cristina. She put herself in the retired submariner’s place at once. I saw she was ready to do something, to help me somehow. We can help you with money, with some food Let me sell your goods. Settled. Would you sell a jar of honey? Okay! The capitalization of my companies is 1.5 billion dollars. My core business asset is TechnoNICOL company. Here we produce roofing and waterproofing membranes. Honey! Roll up! Roll up! Lena taught me to sell honey. It seemed to be as simple as that – you shout to people to come closer, give them some honey from this or that jar to try and that’s it. Ladies, roll up for honey! Well, while shouting about the honey, we got to know each other better. We sold some two or three jars, I can’t remember. Now I must pay for your work, right? No, today it would be better if you… Well, I agree to lodging, to dinner, it will be fair. Okay, settled. If I have something today I give it away, if I don’t, I’ll say sorry. But have I helped you after all? Of course you have! Well, I realized that I already had money and now dinner and shelter were looming over the horizon. Suddenly our hero and secret millionaire was noticed by Oksana, a seller of souvenirs, who was reaching for the honey stall like she was carried away… by the sailor. Well, when Oksana the Souvenirs saw how I was cooing with Lena the Bee, she came and said: “Sailor, dear, I brought some borscht to you,” and gave me a pot of borscht, adding: “I insist that you try my borscht.” Well, Oksana the Souvenirs is a rather strong woman, it was hard to turn her down, so I said: “Well, let’s go”. We’ll have lunch here, I’m allowed to, I’m local. It seems clear who’s the boss here! I’m not the boss, I just sell souvenirs. I cooked it myself, so please eat it, don’t be shy, there’s some meat. I felt her active strong desire to catch me in her endearing nets. Nobody offers a job to you, right? Well, today Lena has offered some work. To sell honey? I’ve sold honey today, right. Well, she’s single, so nobody will argue… Okay, enjoy your meal! So, I supped her borscht a bit, thanked her and wrote down her phone number in case I needed some help or lodging, she said: “We’ll settle it” and gave a wink. “Okay”, I said, I’ll have an extra option but I’ll use it only in case of emergency. Despite Oksana the Souvenirs’ active hints, Igor the Sailor finally decided to stay over in Lena’s place. He thought it would be safer and even bought some food for dinner. Lena, I’ve bought everything, some chicken. What have you spent the money for? We have everything at home. Lena lives in the Ruem village, a suburb village like Yoshkar-Ola, a kind of Yoshkar- Ola outback. A painful impression Well, tell me why you left for this place. I divorced my husband and went away. I sensed that Lena and Cristina had gone through something very painful and reached a state where they feel me and feel that I need support. And we are all together in this state and we feel good. We cope with difficulties together. In fact, Lena went through a hard trial after the divorce she prefers not to be reminded of. The young woman had to escape with her daughter from another city and start with a clean slate. Those times, they had no savings, no income, no dwelling. These were strangers, friends of our friends, who welcomed us, gave us shelter and they knew neither me nor Cristina. So, I got help, being in the same situation, and if I can, I must repay this kindness as well. Lena rents this flat, paying 6 thousand rubles per month, while her salary is slightly more than 20 thousand, so their budget is like this. I’ve heard you are dreaming of your own house, and where would you like to have it? Here? As it comes, I just want to have my own dwelling, that’s the most important thing. And how long will it take to save up a house? Oh, some 20 years, I hope to God. Perhaps Igor will come to this very place again and make a gift he’ll decide for himself. I’ve found out that Lena has 60 thousand rubles of savings, she said it herself that she had 60 thousand rubles. After the cordial dinner, Lena started preparing a bedding for the welcome guest. Well, Lena and Cristina slept on the fold-out sofa, while I lay down on the air mattress. Coming up next: That’s the fishing! The secret billionaire Igor Rybakov is trying to change the Russian reality. Without telling a soul who he actually is, Igor Rybakov has to survive without his money and find people who really need help. She wants to live, she really wants to live, but all the doctors say she won’t. But has the billionaire expected to see all that? I remember it and feel a lump in the throat. I slept like a log and when the alarm clock went off I thought “What am I doing here?» Early in the morning Lena went away on business but did not forget about her guest. Lena left a bag with tinned stewed meat, apples, fruits and plums for me, and, above all, linen socks. Hah, socks, socks, I’ll take them, wow, linen! Very cool. I had a feeling that Cristina thought I was Lena’s admirer because she behaved a bit actorly Well, fantastic! Nice going! The day before Lena told Igor about a local family that had recently lost their house in a fire. They were looking for volunteers to clear out debris after the fire, so Igor rushed to help them. You’ve asked whether someone needs help, right? I say yes, as scheduled: to wake up, brush my teeth and perform a feat. And what about earning money? Well, somewhere between performing a feat and having a rest. Igor arrived in a place where just two weeks ago there had been a house of the Cherepanov. Fortunately, the Cherepanov themselves where not injured, but the house was completely burned down, all they managed to do is to take the documents and some clothes out. In fact, that’s all our immovable property now, and some movable property is over there, in the corner. We were sitting over there, when some smoke started coming from the bathhouse, first our neighbors came before the firefighters’ arrival, when the firefighters finally arrived but there was nothing to save – everything was ablaze, it was very scary. We were shocked for two days. I didn’t know how I would tell my husband about it because before that Andrey had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Well, what’s up? Everything is fine. I still don’t speak much for now. We were demolishing everything, clearing out, loading this charry stuff on the lorry, sorting out a metal mess, there were a lot of people. Thank God, everyone is alive, thank God nobody was inside as if there had been someone, they would have… The children could be there, we could go out somewhere. I know that people are kind and there are a lot of them, but when it happens to you, when you face it, you realize that with each thing, with each jacket they give to your child, the pain is letting up, the fear of being left alone – sorry! – of being face-to-face with this trouble, is letting up. But, in fact, this misfortune is enormous. Even now, when I recall it I feel a lump in the throat. I’ve had fires in my life as well, I cleared out debris after the fire when our bathhouse was burned down, and my mum nearly died there. So there were similar charry logs, and when you are clearing it out you realize that your mum could die there. I understand what Oksana felt when we were demolishing their house. The first thing I bought was some dishwashing sponges. I have no house, no dishware, but a bought these sponges…Nonsense! Now you look back and understand that these were just some irrational actions but you know you needed to do it for your inner peace because as a housewife I must have dishwashing sponges. Well, now you have the sponges, so the house will be there, it will be built. The secret billionaire can solve all the problems right now but he can’t break the rules. Only on the final day of the experiment Igor Rybakov may come back to his new friends in his usual image of a billionaire. I can’t call it a misfortune or trouble, of course it was very difficult, but it’s just a situation. A pattern of circumstances, a kind of pattern. Nobody knows the ways of God and why the Lord gives that to us. It’s hot, I’m tired, I want to wash this soot off, and here came the pattern of circumstances. Well, let’s go swimming! How? On a tractor? On a tractor? Oh my! Let’s go. You see, I had a childhood dream to become a tractor driver. Well, everything comes true, but many years later. Well guys, let’s line and swim the speed crawl there. He has worked least of all! The collector of states was squeaking for joy. Beauty! The thing is that each year sees a rising gap between the rich and poor. The prices are going up, and why? As a film character said, it would shame our homeland. But we can do something real in our regions, can’t we? I’m afraid we can’t. It was a fantastic talk – a tractor riding and such serious men talking. We still have this perception from the Soviet past that the state owes us something. No, no, no! And everyone is sitting and just waiting. Yes, it’s true! If his new friends only had known that they were talking to a billionaire, they would have discussed other things. These amazingly civically-minded fellow passengers mentioned a local entrepreneur. They described this person as someone who does a lot to make the life in Yoshkar-Ola better, and Igor put his mind to meet him at once. I was deeply amazed that so many people came here to support you. If we had money, a lot of money If I manage to survive in Yoshkar-Ola for three days, we’ll do something to improve the situation I hope to God Thank you Have a safe trip! Having accomplished his first feat, our hero left for a meeting with the entrepreneur Yuri Uskov, who the local residents gave such high praise to. Igor hoped that his image of a sailor would help him remain unrecognized in high society of Yoshkar-Ola. One of the volunteers agreed to give Igor a lift. The only thing he had to finish is to dry his underwear after the swimming. Well, the Rybakov Foundation is a place which brings together different plotters to make a world-wide innovation. America has Rockefeller and Rothschild; Russia will have Rybakov. That’s it. They were blowing up, puffing up, and in some 2-3 minutes they were already dry. It’s really a cool life hack, the coolest one ever. I’ve never dried my boxers so quickly. But will we have the order in our country if we keep putting our own underwear out of the car windows? Finally, Igor arrived in Uskov’s house, located 50 kilometers from the city. I was really looking for meeting Yuri, well, the sailor, Oksana the Souvenirs, I guess, I hoped not to use this backup option. Hello! Well, I know this gentleman! His name is Rybakov. Oh wow… Well, we have the legend about… Igor the Sailor… Unfortunately, Yuri Uskov understood how all these razors, faces and beards work. When meeting Rybakov, he blew Igor’s cover at once. What the hell? Then I had the greatest pattern ever, and here… no pattern, nothing. I’ve recognized Igor. The first time I saw him was at the #EdCrunch conference – he was a sponsor there, and so I did. According to the project rules, if the hero is recognized, he/she can’t interact with the people who have recognized him/her. The situation got even harder because Fedor, who had driven our hero to the local millionaire, also got to know who Igor actually was. And now, in order to return to Yoshkar-Ola, Igor has to overcome somehow the distance of 50 kilometers. Well, I was upset as I wanted to drive him back. How will he get back, I wonder? He has to arrange it with local residents or just walk, and it means going on foot almost 50 kilometers. Coming up next: Where it’s always calm and always warm, where you see the kindness in the eyes – it’s your mum’s home The secret billionaire Igor Rybakov is struggling to survive in Yoshkar-Ola. Someone even told me that in this top I would never walk far in Yoshkar-Ola. Without his money and relations, without telling nobody who he actually is, he must find people who need help. The kids asked: “Igor, when will you take us from here?” But will the richest person have enough power just to get to the end of the road? Igor Rybakov is milking a mare. Well, I was upset as I wanted to drive him back. How will he get back, I wonder? He has to arrange it with local residents or just walk, and it means going on foot almost 50 kilometers. It was a huge fly in the ointment – 50 kilometers from Yoshkar-Ola, in the middle of nowhere, in a Yagodka village … well I’ll lie on your lawn a bit. Would you like something? Some water? I can’t, Yuri. Here came the hacker: “Well, we must hack all this stuff. What the hell is happening? I have no idea but we must hack it.” Well, now he had a task to turn the situation upside down, to twist the pattern once again, because it already messed up completely, and Oksana the Souvenirs was looming over the horizon. Rybakov remembered that at the youth festival he had exchanged contacts with Nastya, a volunteer. Nastya immediately invited Igor to her place. Well, I’m about to leave and I’m just waiting for someone who’s going to the city, I’ll try tagging along. Okay, I see. Hello, will you pick me up to the city? Welcome Great, thank you. Another journey, another handshake and Igor is here. Well, let’s look how you’ve settled here, show me… It seems to be very inspiring here, very beautiful. We are right on time – the sun is setting on the river, so it’ll be cool. Nastya’s fiancé is a big fisherman, so I said: “Nastya, what about going fishing?” and he agreed. What a beautiful sunset! By the way, I was very surprised to hear that it was the Volga. I realized I was geographically challenged, I had suspected that before, but the Volga under Yoshkar-Ola… I recalled that song: The river Volga flows from far away I thought: “What a giant river the Volga is!” Well, we are not lucky today, never mind, we’ll be lucky in love. But I really liked our boating because of this blinding fantastic sunset. I immediately remembered… it seems to be my childhood, because when I was a child I boated several times: I’m in a Kazanka boat, cleaving through the water… That’s the fishing! Today was the day of the collector of states and the lucky man. We don’t have any serious plans for tomorrow, do we? Well, let’s make some plans now. I have a proposal. How do you feel about children? Well, I have to do with them directly, indeed. The thing is that we have a rehabilitation centre for juveniles called “Zhuravushka” (eng. Crane). That’s great They need some help. In fact, they are located here, in the Zvenigovsky district, so we can… Zhuravushka? Yep, so it is right on our way, on the coast of lake Tair. Perfect! Unlike our previous heroes, Igor spends all his time helping others and he almost doesn’t try earning money. Why? The thing is you don’t need to earn anything, in fact. I helped someone, either with advice or with sharing experience, in some cases I helped physically. And, as a result, they give you food, shelter, and someone just want to spend time with an interesting person, and I am an interesting person, incredibly interesting. Especially when these three activate. So, here the third day comes, and our hero decided to start it with a feat. Having waken up, he headed for the Zhuravushka centre, which Nastya had talked about the day before. The centre provides for rehabilitation of children who found themselves in a difficult situation or are at risk. Before letting Igor interact with children, Olga, who is the Deputy Director of the centre, told him about the centre’s main mission. What can you do? Everything. Everything? That’s fine. We call our children “Kids, stricken in their souls”. So, if these children trust this world again, if they trust the adult world, it’ll be great. I see, to recover their trust and move on, to build their own world. There is a lot of work to do, starting from physical work and ending with any other work – to talk, to play the guitar, to read a book and so on. Yoshkar-Ola may lack for money, planes or men, but it is really rich in holidays. For example, today the Zhuravushka centre is celebrating the Sailor Day – at the right time! Hello everyone! Hi! Do you know that today is the Sailor Day? Yes! And do you know what my name is? No! Igor the Sailor! We really lack for men in our team – the staffing is mostly women, that is why we’re happy to welcome every man, especially as Igor swims, plays the guitar, plays games – children are drawn to such people. Come on, come on Do it right, man. Well, these are completely different stories: someone was beaten in their family, there are kids that, as I was told, were begging. You are so affectionate! Yes, I’m almost a grown up. Indeed, you are a big boy already. Of course, you see that these children need warmth, there is something they lack for, something lively. Now we know each other and I’m very happy! If I was taken from here today, I would … Hello! I’ll take it! The kids asked me: “Igor the Sailor, when will you take us from here?” Make a crab claw! A claw like this. You see? It almost clicked itself. These two boys, Daler and Timur, are two brothers. They fell into a very difficult situation, they were humiliated, they were beaten – Daler even has some scars on his head. They don’t like remembering their mother – the topic seems to be very painful for them. Okay, I think you’ll learn it with some 2-3 lessons. He played the guitar, sang some songs, just talked to them – it’s really important for our children. I’m sure they’ll ask me: “When will Igor the Sailor come?” at least a month, at the very least! We haven’t seen each other for a long time, as usual I’m on business and haven’t visited you in the morning for ages. I know mum, how are you there? It’s spring already and the snow has melted, I remember the route to your place by heart, and I’m on my way to you. Do you remember those warmest days when the lights were burning and the whole world belonged to us? Do you remember how we did everything we could, how we loved and lived and accepted everything? Nothing was stronger and dearer. Do you remember, mum, that I wasn’t alone in building my path? You helped me and I was this big world for you, and my journey is always safe to your place, my darling, you are the whole universefor me. Let’s sit down together and just keep silent, you know everything — I’m your son, you gave birth to me and opened the door to joy and happiness in my heart. A wonderful song I wrote this song about my mum, meaning both my parents. I decided to play this song in the Zhuravushka centre because here there are a lot of children who have no mother or who won’t have her soon because there are children who think they have parents, but actually they don’t. Well, the mission is completed, now back to the city! Coming up next: The secret billionaire Igor Rybakov, in theguise of a poor, is travelling across Yoshkar-Ola. Where it’s always calm and always warm, where you see the kindness in the eyes – it’s your mum’s home. He has to conceal his billionaire nature and find people who need help. She wants to live, she really wants to live, but all the doctors say she won’t. But will the person who has built a business empire be able at least to find himself some shelter for the night? Having worked with the children, Rybakov kept looking for new feats. Olga told the secret billionaire about a woman who needed help with repairing a broken wardrobe. Let’s repair a wardrobe for this single mother. Now I see why she gave me this phone number – she says I can stay over there, that’s fine! Well, let’s repair the wardrobe. Come in, please. Hello Wow, a guitar as well? Why not, we can play a bit now. Such an imposing lady, I thought that she had thought up the issue of wardrobe repair to call Igor the Sailor in. The drawer fell off here, and I still need to clear this one, I haven’t done that yet, I didn’t have time. I thought I would screw on something and that’s it, but not at all. Igor, do you mind being flower-patterned for a while? I’ve dreamt of it all my lifetime, of course I don’t mind. With this flower pattern I started looking like a man of doubtful orientation. Someone even told me that in this top I would never walk far in Yoshkar-Ola. Repairing furniture is a real mastery. She said: “We took it out, but we had no idea how to place it back”. God of furniture assembly, come on, help us! When you have been breaking stereotypes all your life, it’s rather difficult to retarget yourself and repair a wardrobe. The next three hours of the venture capital investor’s life did not bring any results. Mum, why don’t you help him? But you see I do help Igor, I can’t.. Well, I screwed on everything, pushed it into the case but it doesn’t enter properly. You know what? Let’s leave this drawer. But it’s not interesting! Enthusiasm is a good thing, but I don’t want you to get upset. It was a challenge, and I’ve never faced such a challenge. The wardrobe absolutely won. I thought I wanted two feats in a day but I accomplished only one, so I thought that one is fine as well. You aren’t marred, are you? Me? I’m married. And did your wife let you go travelling? Of course. Well, me must trust, of course. And I’ve always wanted to have a man who I would give a lot of children to. But there are so many men around. Really? Probably yes, a lot. I believe you’ll meet someone for sure. They’re also looking for a woman like you. You know, I don’t fit to everyone. Katya is bringing up two daughters. Her husband left her when he knew that Kallista, their younger daughter, was born with a rare genetic disease. I should have left myself without waiting for the moment when he insulted me by saying: “It’s impossible that I, a handsome man and a sportsman, have such sick children.” Kallista’s disease is called epidermolysis bullosa: the girl’s skin is so fragile and delicate that it’s very easy to damage it. Kallista’s disease is beyond cure, only delicate care can alleviate the child’s suffering. Two weeks after her birth, I took her in my arms for the first time and broke the skin on her belly with a single touch. I was afraid of approaching her and, despite the fact that I prayed to God for her being fine, deep down I secretly… it hurts me a lot to remember it… I asked the Lord to take her away quicker until I love her. It was extremely hard before, she used to say: “Mum, tell me why? What for? Why is it happening to me? Why did I give birth to such a child? I’m not that bad, you know.” I replied to her: “All goes well, you’ll see, you’ll be happy.” I had to do it often, I had to calm her and once she finally calmed down and said: “Mum, how happy I am that she has survived and she’s with us.” Both mum and dad are retired, my dad is a disabled person of group III. Kallista receives pension, I have a small income – some 12-15 thousand rubles, I sew and knit to order, things that people want to have tailor made. My granny was a needlewoman, she passed this gift to me or probably these knowledge, because I simply liked to do it and started developing these skills; of course, I entered the college to learn cloth-cutting trade. How is it possible to live like that? They need some 50 thousand rubles only for bandaging medicines. Granny Tanya said that she boiled bandaging ointment herself to treat Kallista. Being in his original image, the secret billionaire can solve all problems of the whole city, but only on the final day of the experiment. We’ll surely wait for it. Her arms are so sorely bandaged. She… well, it’s hard for me to comment on it, because… I dream of having two daughters and two sons when I grow up Her dream is to have two sons and two daughters – she doesn’t dream of dolls or other similar things, she just wants to live. She really wants to live, but all the doctors say she won’t. At the same time, she, together with her mum, her grandma and grandpa, is struggling and .

основной физический капитал

they succeed. Where it’s always calm and always warm, where you see the kindness in the eyes – it’s your mum’s home, where there is no sorrow and evil tongues, where the lights are always bright, the love is in the eyes, where it’s always calm and always warm, where you see the kindness in the eyes – it’s your mum’s home, where there is no sorrow and evil tongues, where the lights are always bright, the love in the eyes. Igor the Sailor did not repair the wardrobe but brought a little joy to Katya’s home, and it’s also a kind of feat. We woke up at 9 a.m., the table was groaning with different viands. Where will I go now? Do I really have to call Oksana the Souvenirs? Well, I didn’t want to choose this option but it seemed I had no choice, damn! And suddenly: “What’s up, Lena! We’re having breakfast with Katya now.” “Really? Enjoy your meal then! So, I’m right on time to wish you a nice meal! Look, I’ve met a man, he produces kumis here, in Yoshkar-Ola.” So, Lena the Bee sends me some info about Rudolf who has a horse farm and so on. I thought: “Lena, without you, I would have had to call Oksana the Souvenirs”. Hello, I’m Igor. So, it won’t be clerk’s work, you won’t work at the office. Of course, sure. You know what kumis is? No, I don’t. A kumis farm is our farm where we milk mares. Wow, sounds promising: Igor Rybakov is milking mares! So, we produce natural kumis. Okay, I see. From natural mare’s milk. If you work well, we’ll find lodging for you. Perfect! That’s already something, settled! If you work badly, we’ll drive you out at once. As far as I understood, he wasn’t going to pay me salary at all, so Lena sold me into bondage: a sailor will come, please help him, give him some work for food and so on. Rudolf, if I sing a song to your horses, will they yield to me better? Not at all, worse. I’ve just told you that they are afraid. It’s Igor Hello It’s Evgeniya Dmitrievna Perfect Vorobey, Vorobey The self, hacker, lucky man, collector of states, Igor the Sailor, and now a brand-new personality – Igor Ivanovich Vorobey, a mare milker. Alya, it’s Igor, your assistant. Hello! Okay It’s Alya, our milker. Look, how beautiful they are. Draft ones, aren’t they? They are. Do you milk them too? We milk them with this thing. How scary it is! Why? Or are they quiet? They are calm. The mares appeared to be not only calm but also affectionate. My mares, let’s queue, I’m one, amongst so many of you. Ready, steady, go for milking! Kumis is kefir from mare’s milk. What is mare’s milk? It’s mare’s milk! Like cow’s milk, but mare’s one. I’m scared. It’s always scary for the first time. Nothing scary at all. You’re good at it, by the way! We’ve just milked it, right? Yes, some fresh milk, you’ve milked it yourself. Try it. I can tell, he’s good at it, his hands started doing it right at once, a good, good, very good man. Having milked during a full day shift, Igor got lodging and went horse riding. And here I thought why it didn’t move. What will happen to my balls? Well, I don’t know. Careful! Gently, gently! Well, this riding was worth coming here. The final and most important day is waiting for our hero: Igor Rybakov will wake up as a billionaire again. He couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, as his different personalities were driving Igor the Sailor away from him and deciding who it was the most important to meet with tomorrow. Coming up next: The grandest part of the experiment Well, my eyes are still moist. I was really freaked out. Multibillionaire Igor Rybakov will come back to those who helped him survive and will change their life. I have to confess, I’m not Igor the Sailor at all, I’m Igor Rybakov, a billionaire. My avatars were arguing a lot and finally agreed on who we’ll come to today. I’m going there to help this person fulfil the dream. I believe that fulfilling this dream will bring a very powerful person to the world; this person will get involved into social creativity on a massive scale. The project producers had made an appointment with the local heroes, asking them to give an interview for the programme “Hitchhiking across Russia”. Rybakov suddenly appeared in his true image. Hello! Hello, I’d like to confess – I’m not Igor the Sailor. I’m billionaire Igor Rybakov. Sounds funny. What’s this about? I’ve come back to give some presents to you. Kallista, I learnt about your dream of having children, and I’ve brought a baby carriage for you. Thank you! I also want to give you this grant – one million rubles for opening your own business so that you can become independent. How is that even possible? To become independent and strong. Is it for me? Oh dear! You’re a powerful, strong, beautiful woman, you have a dream and now you’ll fulfil it for sure. I’m shocked, Igor, I just can’t say a word. Let me give you a hug. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you so much. You’re like a bear from the cartoon. Bye-bye! All the best! Well, my eyes are still moist. I was really freaked out. I want to open a sewing workshop where I will sew only those things that have never been made in any other tailoring shops. That’s what I’ve always dreamt about. A lot of those who are watching us will think that it would be better to give a grant for bandaging materials for Kallista, but I made a choice that will help Katya become independent and get this support. Relying on her own resources and fulfilling her independence, she will tackle with .

основной капитал это здание

everything herself. Kallista, my dear! I don’t know how to perceive it, how is that even possible, my dear? How, my darling? Now we are going to meet with the person who understood me almost at once, who was the first to support me and then accompanied me every single minute. I was worried firstly because I thought that as a single lady she wanted to catch me in her endearing nets. Instead of making an appointment with Lena in her rental flat, we asked Lena and her daughter to come for an interview to an unfamiliar address. Lena, Cristina, I came to say that, to tell you the truth, I’m not who I said I was. I’m not a sailor. Who are you then? I’m Igor Rybakov, a billionaire. That’s impossible. I’ve learnt about your dream, about a house which you’re going to save up for 20 years. Yes, from my salary. And how much have you already saved up? 70 thousand. Well, I decided to come back and to give you this flat as a present. You helped me, you supported me, take these keys, now Cristina and you will live here. Do you remember I promised you that everything would be fine? Just believe in it and give the good to people. Do you remember these words? [The gift for Elena and Cristina: a flat, 3.69 million rubles] It’s her main dream so far, and I wanted to make it come true to help Lena open a new portal and have a new dream. When we came here, there were situations when realtors just cheated us – we lost our money, we had no flat, it was very difficult when at last you and your child are left out on the street. Where the hell should I seek lodging at night – to sleep in a carton box on the street? And I’ve never believed that such a thing will happen to us, that we’ll have a place of our own and it’ll be so fancy. I felt that Cristina realized that her mum deserves it. They have great relations, I feel how open they are to each other, and it’s really cool. These are yours And that’s mine It’s all ours Fifty-fifty Right. While Lena and her daughter are deciding on whose half of the flat the bathroom is located, Igor is already rushing for another meeting. You look awesome, man! Hello! I’ve come to confess that in fact I’m not who I said I was. Impostor? I’m not Igor the Sailor at all, I’m billionaire Igor Rybakov. Says you! It’s impossible. I saw how difficult it was for you to lose a house, so I’d like to give you a 2-mllion grant for construction of a new house here Here you are. It’s so sudden, all of a sudden Even more sudden! They are real, right? It is a grant for building a TechnoNICOL house without your own forces; we’ll use the right project and no short circuit will ever happen. It may be like that. Look, it’s quite big! She didn’t give way to her emotions, she just repeated: “What’s that?” and only then she vented everything. Well, she is a very strong, very powerful woman. Everything is fine, right? It is, and it’ll be even better. Forgive me, Lord! I love you. I love you. [The gift for Oksana: money for a family house, 2 million rubles] Rybakov still has the last but not the least meeting for today. Hello! Aren’t you a sailor today? Hello, guys! Who has come, children? Igor the Sailor! I’m not a sailor at all, I’m Igor Rybakov, a billionaire. You mean you’ve never served in the Navy? I’m shocked. I was here, I saw how you all wanted to play the guitar, you wanted to have a study group, we sang songs together, well, please bring theguitars in! May I? May I? A guitar group Here is a certificate on organizing a study group, a guitar club, and here is a grant of 120 thousand rubles for all the arrangements and the best instructor to teach the kids. [The gift for Olga: a guitar study group, 120 thousand rubles] Turn off the camera for a while, please. Olya, I came back because I’d seen how inspired you are, how you like the things you do, what vortex you have made, so I decided to establish an endowment of 3 million rubles. I’m about to burst into tears. We’re shocked. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, as usual I’m on business and haven’t visited you in the morning for ages. I know mum, how are you there? It’s spring already and the snow has melted, I remember the route to your place by heart, and I’m on my way to you. Do you remember those warmest days… When we were leaving, a boy said: “I was upset to hear you’re not a sailor, not Igor the Sailor, I even cried.” I asked: “How would you like me to come next time? Like Igor the Sailor? Or Igor the Businessman? Or Igor the Billionaire?” They said: “Igor the Sailor!” So, next time when I drive by, I’ll need a sailor’s vest, army boots and go! [The gift to the Child Centre: endowment, 3 million rubles] The Colombian tourists did not listen the song till the end and got nothing, while the children listened and were given 3 million. Rybakov nearly went to the airport but understood that he could do one more thing for Yoshkar-Ola women. At the last minute he brought together all the women he met during these several days, almost all of them. Igor decided that together these amazingly strong ladies can create a special community to help other women of Yoshkar-Ola in difficult life situations. Igor also invited the experienced entrepreneur Yuri Uskov to be a mentor who will facilitate the administrative work. Our project will follow with interest the development of this new charity organization and in a year we’ll surely tell you about the progress they’ll make in Yoshkar-Ola. .

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